• Book Review

    How to keep a Knight by Eleanor Meyers

    image | Goodreads  2/5 Title: How to Keep a Knight Author: Eleanor Meyers Series: Wardington Park Book: #10 Genre: Romance, History, Historical Romance, Regency, Historical Fiction Goodreads rating: 4.10 Want to know the truth about Lady Matilda St. Clair?Well, there are two things she is not:She is not a lady.She is not Matilda St. Clair.  So, who is she?  She is Eudora ‘Dorie’ Gore, the daughter of London’s most legendary criminal, Captain James Gore, and she’s on the run from herself.For the last few years, she’s lived under the guise of Lady St. Claire, but everything begins to unravel when she meets her match.…Hearts were made to be mended……

  • Book Review

    The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

    Mary Boleyn catches the eye of Henry VIII when she comes to court as a girl of fourteen. Dazzled by the golden prince, Mary's joy is cut short when she discovers that she is a pawn in the dynastic plots of her family. When the capricious king's interest wanes, Mary is ordered to pass on her knowledge of how to please him to her friend and rival: her sister, Anne.

  • Tv Shows

    The Crown (2016)

    Cast: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Jeremy Northam, John Lithgow, Victoria Hamilton, Ben Miles Genre: History, Drama Seasons: 2 Status: ongoing The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world’s most famous monarchy while forging a relationship with legendary Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. The British Empire is in decline, the political world is in disarray, and a young woman takes the throne…. a new era is dawning. Peter Morgan’s masterfully researched scripts reveal the Queen’s private journey behind the public facade with daring frankness. Prepare to be welcomed into the coveted world of power and privilege and…

  • Movie

    Troy (2004)

    Cast: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom Director: Wolfgang Petersen Time: 2hrs 43mins Year: 2004 Rating: R Genre: Adventure, History My Rating: 6/10 This is an adaptation of Homer’s great journey; the film follows the assault on Troy and follows the men involved. It follows Achilles, Helen and Paris love affairs. I enjoyed watching it, the movie was excellent, and there were some issues with the history of it all. But it was a good movie. There wasn’t a side that you really want to relate to; the good vs. bad line was very blurred here. The script incorporated the important bits of history and then Hollywood took over. The…

  • Book Review

    Beguiling the Earl by Suzanna Medeiros

    image | Goodreads  4/5 Title: Beguiling the Earl Author: Suzanna Medeiros Series: Landing a Lord Book: #2 Genre: Romance, History, Historical Romance Goodreads Rating: 3.88 My Rating: 4/5 “ARC given for an honest review” Catherine Evans knows the Earl of Kerrick is the one man for her. During her first season, she hopes he will come to feel the same way about her.Kerrick has tried to see his best friend’s sister-in-law as a younger sister. But just when he realizes his feelings for her go much deeper than friendship, duty compels him to court another woman.It is supposed to be a brief courtship in name only, but outside forces…

  • Book Review

    Eyewitness to Murder by Peter S. Fischer

    image | Goodreads  4/5 Title: Eyewitness to Murder Author: Peter S. Fischer Series: Hollywood Murder Mysteries Book: #9 Goodreads Rating: 3.67 My Rating: 4/5 “ARC given via Net Galley” Go to New York? Not on your life. It’s lousy idea for a movie. A two-year-old black and white television drama? It hasn’t got a prayer. This is the age of Cinemascope and Vistavision and Stereophonic sound and yes, even 3-D. Burt Lancaster and Howard Eyewitness to MurderHecht must be out of their minds to think they can make a hit movie out of “Marty”. But then Joe Bernardi gets word that the love of his life, Bunny Lesher, is…