• Book Review

    Lady Lands the Lord by Eleanor Meyers

    image | Goodreads  2/5 Title: Lady Lands the Lord Author: Eleanor Meyers Series: Wardington Park Book: #12 Genre: Romance, Historical, Regency, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance Goodreads rating: 4.13 Some ladies wish upon stars… only a death bed wish would work with the Duke of Wardington. Lady Margaret Kay, after surviving a fever outbreak, is given a great gift: Freedom. She is free to do, say, and go, wherever she pleases. But … before she can truly embrace her scandalous future, she must keep a promise she made to a friend and in order to keep that promise, she’ll need assistance. And what better help is there than the crew…

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    How to Design a Duke by Eleanor Meyers

    image | Goodreads  4/5 Title: How to Design a Duke Author: Eleanor Meyers Series: Wardington Park Book: #9 Genre: Romance, Historical, Regency, Historical Romance Goodreads rating: 4.17 He’s charming. She’s sceptical. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and she sees straight through to his heart. It’ll never work. Or will it? Lady Laura Abbey has much adjusting to do. In a matter of one year, she went from being a little seamstress…to a widow…to the heiress of the Season. She knows nothing about London and Society, but she’ll have to learn quickly if she plans to survive among the Ton’s casual cruelty. Ironically, the most charming rogue and scandalous…

  • Book Review

    The Gentleman’s Law on Love by Eleanor Meyers

    s the daughter of a very powerful earl, Lady Rebecca Garrett has lived under the rule of Society by day. However…at night, she becomes one of London’s most notorious authors. Living under the shadows no longer fulfils this heiress, so she’s ready to come out of the dark with her own book and had found just the story…

  • Book Review

    Gentleman’s Game of Love by Eleanor Meyers

    Losing a bet has never been more exciting. Lady Anne Lindsey lost a bet. Oh... how she wishes it were of the monetary variety. Instead, she has to do a favour that will take her far from London, out in the country, and into the house of a man she loathes just as much as she is desperately attracted to him. Guy's the first man who'd been able to banish the darkness that haunts her, but she knows that a rogue can't be trusted.

  • Book Review

    My Heart’s Desire by Patricia Grasso

    image | Goodreads  4/5 Title: My Heart’s Desire Author: Patricia Grasso Series: Devereux Family Book: #6 Genre: Romance, Historical, Regency Goodreads Rating: 4.06 Rating: 4/5 “ARC given for an honest review” Blythe hungered for his caresses, knowing only time and sweet seduction would win the hardened heart of Roger Debrett, Earl of Eden, the man she’d married to save him from hanging for the murder of his first wife. She knew with her druid’s instinct that they’d loved each other forever and that they were meant to be together, even when Roger vowed to annul their marriage once he found the real killer. Roger’s blazing eyes devoured her, even…

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    Emma (1996)

    Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, James Cosmo, Greta Scacchi, Alan Cumming, Jeremy Northam, Toni Collette Director: Douglas McGrath Time: 2hrs Year: 1996 Rating: PG Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Historical My Rating: 7/10 Emma Woodhouse is a young lady who delights herself in meddling in other people’s affairs. She perpetually tries to unite people that are completely wrong for each other. Despite her interest in romance in other people, Emma has overlooked her own feelings of love and romance. As well as her relationship with Mr Knightly. I’ve always loved Emma, I feel that it’s a true romance. The best thing is this movie follows the book quite closely, which is quite important…