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    Dragonfire by Donna Grant

    image | Goodreads  4/5 Title: Dragonfire Author: Donna Grant Series: Dark Kings Book: #14 Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Dragons, Paranormal Romance Goodreads rating: 4.40 “ARC was given for an honest review” It was a soul-deep longing, one that got into his bones and settled there, sending whispers of desire through him. The need, the hunger, grew tenfold with every breath… As a Dragon King, Roman is sworn to protect all mortals – even though they no longer believe in dragons. But deep in the Carpathian Mountains, he discovers a beautiful and mysterious gypsy who possesses the power to see into his very soul. To reignite the fire in his…

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    How to keep a Knight by Eleanor Meyers

    image | Goodreads  2/5 Title: How to Keep a Knight Author: Eleanor Meyers Series: Wardington Park Book: #10 Genre: Romance, History, Historical Romance, Regency, Historical Fiction Goodreads rating: 4.10 Want to know the truth about Lady Matilda St. Clair?Well, there are two things she is not:She is not a lady.She is not Matilda St. Clair.  So, who is she?  She is Eudora ‘Dorie’ Gore, the daughter of London’s most legendary criminal, Captain James Gore, and she’s on the run from herself.For the last few years, she’s lived under the guise of Lady St. Claire, but everything begins to unravel when she meets her match.…Hearts were made to be mended……

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    Coffee Time

    Thursday morning latte, relaxing in the sun and reading my book getting ready to write up my review. Don’t forget to scroll through my blog for my book reviews for your next read! I’ve taken the goodread 2017 Challenge to read 150 books this year! So come follow my Goodreads to see what I’ve been reading and follow my blog, facebook or instagram to see what I’ve been reading. Follow| Facebook Instagram Twitter Bloglovin

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    Reluctantly Charmed by Ellie O’Neill

    image | Goodreads  4/5 Title: Reluctantly Charmed Author: Ellie O’Neill Goodreads Rating: 3.90 My Rating: 3/5 “ARC given via Net Galley” Kate McDaid is listing her new-year’s resolutions hoping to kick-start her rather stagnant love life and career when she gets some very strange news. To her surprise, she is the sole benefactor of a great great-great-great aunt and self-proclaimed witch also called Kate McDaid, who died over 130 years ago. As if that isn’t strange enough, the will instructs that, in order to receive the inheritance, Kate must publish seven letters, one by one, week by week. Burning with curiosity, Kate agrees and opens the first letter –…

  • Book Review

    The Faithful by S.M. Freedman

    image | Goodreads  5/5 Title: The Faithful Author: S.M. Freedman Goodreads Rating: 4.05 My Rating: 5/5 “ARC given for an honest review” For Agent Josh Metcalf, memories are ghosts. They are blood-soaked backpacks and the smell of strawberry Chap Stick. Josh is haunted by a little girl who went missing his first summer on the force. Decades later his search has become an obsession, and he’s pinned the photos of hundreds of missing children to his wall of tears. All the children had psychic abilities. All the cases went cold — with no witnesses, no useful tips, and no children ever recovered. Until a woman gets injured trying to…

  • Book Review

    Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston

    image | Goodreads  5/5 Title: Frozen Author: Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston Series: Heart of Dread Book: #1 Goodreads Rating: 3.61 My Rating: 5/5 “Got given an ARC from Net Galley” Welcome to New Vegas, a city once covered in bling, now blanketed in ice. Like much of the destroyed planet, the place knows only one temperature—freezing. But some things never change. The diamond in the ice desert is still a 24-hour hedonistic playground and nothing keeps the crowds away from the casino floors, never mind the rumors about sinister sorcery in its shadows. At the heart of this city is Natasha Kestal, a young blackjack dealer…