MademoiselleSnow’s Etsy Store

Earlier this year I finally created my very own Etsy store! I’m super excited about this!

I’m going to be selling handmade goods such as paper confetti, jewellery and knitwear that I’ve made. So when you have a little time come have a look at what I’ve got in store for all of you. I will be regularly updating and posting here what I’m currently selling.



10 thoughts on “MademoiselleSnow’s Etsy Store”

  1. It’s very fine your jewelry articles: congratulations for this nice job you did! And the paper swan always remind me the “prison break” series I liked so much LOL

  2. OMG good luck with your store!!

  3. congrats on your new shop!

  4. Am one of the value customer of swarovski jewelry. I love swarovski. Do you sell it?

  5. OMG OMG ! They are too cute ❤ xoXo

    Visit :

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