Advertising & Collaborations


Advertising & Collaborations

  • Website & Blog features: I have always loved meeting new bloggers online and off. Mostly online. This was one of the main reasons why I started blogging. If you would like your blog/website or a particular post featured on Mademoisellesnow please shoot me an email and include a link, and I will take a look.
  • Advertising & Product reviews/Giveaways: If you think that your brand is something that Mademoisellesnow reader would be interested in please contact me and we can work something out. I am always very interested in seeing new brands and trying out new things so shoot me an email!
  • Other Requests: If you have any requests on what you would like me to post/write more about, then I’m all ears. So don’t be shy! I love to hear all your opinions, this is one of my highlights in being a blogger. Just shoot me an email!


  • Images: Unless otherwise specified those images belong to me. I would really appreciate it if you asked to use them or tagged either my blog or social media.
  • Videos: Majority of my video’s comes from Youtube and are not mine.

Please don’t ever hesitate to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions! I’d love to hear them.

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