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IMG_6345Hey Everyone!

So I started this blog to share my love of fashion and beauty to everyone that’s out there. It’s mainly going to consist of runway galleries of known and some unknown brands as well as review of beauty products that I’ve come across. Hope you lovely people will enjoy it!

A little about me…I’m Lisa. I’ve lived in Sydney all my life and I love shopping, traveling, and food. Vogue is basically my bible every since I was a kid and I love love love heels, all kinds of heels. It’s often said that I’m going to be the old lady who lives in a shoe box when I grow old. And if you’ve frequented my blog you’d notice that Dior is my all time favourite Brand! And have two adoring budgies called Neon and Spook.

I love to blog hop and read about what others are writing about and their inspirations and fabulous blogs. And I would love to know all my followers! So don’t be shy drop by and say hi or we can stalk each other ^^

I’ve recently created my own facebook page so come follow me there. I’m also on Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Big hug to all my readers and followers <3



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