Francesco Scognamiglio Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 16’/17’

This was such a beautiful collection.It was so dramatic, but that’s really the heart of haute couture wouldn’t you say?

This collection has it all, the glitz and the glamour. Walking through luxurious rooms decked out in deep purple carpet and gold gilding on the doors these outfits fit right in.

Not only were these outfits stunning to look at they also brought a certain amount of wowness to the audience.

I personally loved the lace but I always do love lace on gowns. It just makes me feel so decadent and girly. I don’t think that I’ll ever grow out of dressing in poofy gowns and feeling like a princess. This collection on a whole sung to that inner princess in me.

What did you think about it? Did you like it? As always let me know your thoughts below.

images | Vogue AU


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