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Blood in the Snow by Franco Marks


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Title: Blood in the Snow

Author: Franco Marks

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller

Goodreads rating: 2.82

“ARC was given for an honest review”

Marzio Santoni left behind the brutal crimes of the big city long ago.

Valdiluce is a quiet ski resort, where all he needs is the peace, quiet and his trusty Vespa.

At first glance, the town inhabitants are as perfect as their postcard scenery. But under the surface, nothing is as it seems…

So when four women are discovered dead, seemingly by their own hand, Marzio can sense that something isn’t right. Fighting against his police chief, his own emotions and the evidence stacked against him, Marzio is caught up in a race against time to discover what truly happened.

Gripping, shocking and packed with a punch that will leave you reeling after the last page.

First Sentences

On his Vespa, White Wolf climbed the steep road. Emitting polluting gases and stale alcohol fumes, he shifted the gears, the control slick with grease, down from fourth to third and from third to second.

My thoughts

This story was interesting, four women have been killed and they were engaged in relationships with local townsmen including the detective in charge, White Wolf. The story was very descriptive, but it had a strange pace throughout and had found that it was a little hard to follow. I was also confused most of the time so didn’t really enjoy reading the book. I felt that the author was more interested in the White Wolfs personality than the actual story. There was a lot of back and forth between White Wolf when he’s off duty and Soprani when he’s on duty. This wasn’t the book for me.


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