Chanel Haute Couture Autumn/Winter ’16/’17

For this collection Karl Lagerfeld wanted to pay tribute to the staff of the ateliers. This show was a transportation of the bakstage of how this collection was made. He had his entire staff, sewing machines, cutting tables, designs, sketches, fabrics and manniquins all transported to the Grand Palais. He had literally recreated their workstations as a runway in true Karl Lagerfeld fashion.

The dedication was shown in true Chanel fashion through the tweed suits and dresses, this season included the bell sleeves and bevelled sleeves. The suits featured cropped suits with their 3D embroidery and embellishments, wide-leg trousers. Low swooping necklines with 3D bell-shape over skirts along with the tulles, flowers, and feathers. Beautifully crafted textures with each overlay. The collection was full of pink, white, black and greys. All colours that reminds me of the Chanel brand through the ages.

images | Vogue




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