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Dragonfire by Donna Grant

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Title: Dragonfire

Author: Donna Grant

Series: Dark Kings

Book: #14

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Dragons, Paranormal Romance

Goodreads rating: 4.40

“ARC was given for an honest review”

It was a soul-deep longing, one that got into his bones and settled there, sending whispers of desire through him. The need, the hunger, grew tenfold with every breath…

As a Dragon King, Roman is sworn to protect all mortals – even though they no longer believe in dragons. But deep in the Carpathian Mountains, he discovers a beautiful and mysterious gypsy who possesses the power to see into his very soul. To reignite the fire in his heart. And to help him find the long-lost sword that could save the dragons forever…

Sabrina remembers the stories her grandmother told her. Legends of dragons and kings, fire and ice. And she’s never forgotten the dark prophecy that filled her ancestors with fear – a fate they tried to prevent by stealing a Dragon King’s sword. Sabrina knows that helping Roman is dangerous. He is a dragon betrayed, and more powerful than any man. He could destroy her in a single fiery embrace. But how can she resist the longing in his eyes – or the feelings in her heart – when their destinies are bound by desire?

First Sentences

Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

Some years ago…

Sabrina huddled beneath the pile of old, worn blankets as she listened to the adults outside her caravan.

My thoughts

This book should be read within the series as there’s a subplot that clearly runs throughout the series. This is actually the first book in the series that I have read, as much as loved it I did find part of the storyline quite hard to follow as I didn’t really understand how it all started. So, once I get the chance, I would like to have read the other books first before this one.

The characters were fantastic! The story begins with Roman and Vlad going on their journey to find Vlad’s long-lost sword and they come across Sabrina and her brother Camlo. A sword that can bring all the dragon’s home.

There was genuine chemistry between Roman and Sabrina and I loved it. I would have liked to know more about Camlo, I found him to be a really interesting character that didn’t get a lot of page time and I would have liked to know more. I really enjoyed the book as a whole even with the parts that I really didn’t get. I liked getting to know about the legendary dragon kings and a little bit about their lives. I really loved Roman’s character and his personality. The banter that Roman and Vlad have between them and the other dragons were so much fun, and I would like to have seen a bit more of that. It was an overall fun read and I would like to have read more in these series. For those of you who have read it or will read it, let me know your thoughts below.


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