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Lady Lands the Lord by Eleanor Meyers

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Title: Lady Lands the Lord

Author: Eleanor Meyers

Series: Wardington Park

Book: #12

Genre: Romance, Historical, Regency, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

Goodreads rating: 4.13

Some ladies wish upon stars… only a death bed wish would work with the Duke of Wardington.

Lady Margaret Kay, after surviving a fever outbreak, is given a great gift:


She is free to do, say, and go, wherever she pleases. But … before she can truly embrace her scandalous future, she must keep a promise she made to a friend and in order to keep that promise, she’ll need assistance.

And what better help is there than the crew of London’s best theatre and its charming lead actor.

Lord Roger Abbey.

He knows exactly what freedom is like and is more than willing to accompany Margaret on her journey of discovery. What he isn’t willing to do is fall under the beautiful woman’s spell…That, however, can’t be helped where a Kay woman is involved.

The lady is irresistible. 

But staying together will require them to stay alive. 

When Margaret’s promise puts their lives in danger, he’ll have to save both their heads just to keep her hand in marriage!

But can love conquer a meddling family, a man with dark intentions, and the fears of the past?

For happiness, they’ll try anything.

First Sentences

Margaret, Roger said in a deep growl.

My thoughts

I was very interested in the intertwined plot lines throughout each of the books. But I really didn’t enjoy this story. I felt that the pace was a little slower here and I just didn’t feel the chemistry between the characters, and I didn’t really like Margaret. So, with that trifactor, it had made it really hard for me to enjoy and love the book.  There was again a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes that really took the attention away from the plot as well. I would have preferred them to have gone through some sort of editing before publishing.


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