Givenchy Haute Couture Autumn/Winter ’16/’17

I’ve always really loved Givenchy’s style and looks. This season wasn’t any different, the models looked like real life statues. Long silhouettes from the gowns to the pantsuits. There was more focus on the way that fabrics could be manipulated to create different textures rather than using pops of colour. In this season they’ve kept the colours muted to black, off-white and moss green. These colours remind me of the rocks on a shore where the ocean meets the land.

I also felt a sense of romanticism throughout these designs with their soft edges and ruffles that tied together the outfits.

Using mirrors created a harder edge to the designs worked well with the checkered shoes.

I’m not usually a huge fan of green but this one has just taken my breath away. There was a lot going on with this look from the pearls, checkered patterns and the arrow patterns as well as the criss-cross halter-neck work so well together that made the outfit into something exquisite.

I really enjoyed this collection from the off-white to the moss green to the pearls and the bright white tie. Did you like it or not? Let me know your comments below. I would love to hear.

images | Vogue



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