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How to Design a Duke by Eleanor Meyers

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Title: How to Design a Duke

Author: Eleanor Meyers

Series: Wardington Park

Book: #9

Genre: Romance, Historical, Regency, Historical Romance

Goodreads rating: 4.17

He’s charming. She’s sceptical.

He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and she sees straight through to his heart.

It’ll never work. Or will it?

Lady Laura Abbey has much adjusting to do.

In a matter of one year, she went from being a little seamstress…to a widow…to the heiress of the Season.

She knows nothing about London and Society, but she’ll have to learn quickly if she plans to survive among the Ton’s casual cruelty.

Ironically, the most charming rogue and scandalous gentleman of London lends her his aid.

And like everything else in her life, it’ll come with a price.

Albion Kay IV, the Duke of Oakley, had never been known to play the part of gentleman until he meets her – a lady he finds to be so different than other ladies.

Lady Laura.

Everyone knows him to be a rake, but in one night, everything changes. Fighting his past will be Oakley’s biggest obstacle.

And Laura’s will come in the form of fighting her attraction for him.

Can the duke change from his old ways?

Will the lady find love or heartbreak?

First Sentences

“I’m sorry, my card is full.” Lady Laura Abbey held her hand up to show the newest gentleman of the peerage the evidence of her words.

My thoughts

After reading through the last two novels that weren’t that exciting. This novel was a breath of fresh air. I found that this story was a lot more thought out and there was a lot more depth in the characters as well. I liked Laura, she was innocent, but she also kept to her beliefs and followed her heart till the end.

Albion, even though the entire ton had named him a rake she showed his much more honourable side when he believes that his daughter’s mother is alive.

Then there was the rogue, Blackheart, who needs saving and does some saving. He was actually my favourite character throughout this book. I liked that this book had a really good subplot to keep me entertained rather than just about Laura and Albion’s relationship. Because of the situation that they were put in, with Albion helping a friend and Laura wanting to get to the bottom of one of her late husband’s case they butt heads but ultimately come out in love and engaged.

Another part of the book that I really enjoyed was the characters strong beliefs and how much they held onto them. They didn’t just throw away themselves when they met someone that made their hearts beat a little faster. It a good read.


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