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The Gentleman’s Law on Love by Eleanor Meyers

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Title: The Gentleman’s Law on Love

Author: Eleanor Meyers

Series: Wardington Park

Book: #7

Genre: Romance, Historical Romance, Historical, Fiction, Regency

Goodreads rating: 4.09

As the daughter of a very powerful earl, Lady Rebecca Garrett has lived under the rule of Society by day. However…at night, she becomes one of London’s most notorious authors.

Living under the shadows no longer fulfils this heiress, so she’s ready to come out of the dark with her own book and had found just the story…

A story that she least expected!

But this comes with a condition.

She’ll have to go through a very stern, dull, yet very attractive solicitor to get it.

All work and no play had made the handsome Mr Neil Elkin a very dull gentleman.

At least, this is what Lady Rebecca Garrett believes…

So, she’s self-appointed herself to be the one who challenges everything the young and successful lawyers knows.

But when work passions turn into a very different passion altogether, both will question if their story can end in happily-ever-after…

First Sentences

“Hello, Mr Elkhin.” Lady Rebecca Garrett’s voice was like a siren’s call to Neil Elkhin.

My thoughts

This book revolved around the young lovers, Neil and Rebecca. A hard as nails solicitor and Lady Rebecca who by day she’s an Earl’s daughter but by night she’s a well-known writer. Their chemistry was sizzling off the pages but I felt that their love and relationship wasn’t the main focus of this book. Which was quite different from all the other books in this series. There was a lot of spelling error all the way through which really interfered with the reading.

I thought that the story was pleasant enough to read with stereotypical characters, it had an interesting enough plot that I though could have been thought out a lot better. There was a lot of meat to this book but I felt that it wasn’t really brought out in the writing or the storytelling. I also felt that this was a book that you had to have read all the other books rather than a standalone one. I enjoyed it but wouldn’t go out of my way to read it. Something for when you’ve run out of books to read.


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