Camilla Resort 2019

The runway was littered with pale pink flower petals, backdrop of a white cherry blossom tree and guqin played by elegantly dresses players. The whole show had a Japanese feel to it. From the decorations to the designs.

I absolutely adored the patterns that each of the designs, each of these patterns has a story of their own to tell the world. When made into the different design they transform the dresses, robes, skirts and tops into something more.

Neautiful prints was not the only thing that was centre stage here. The lightness of each of the outfits that came down the runway. They all flowed into one another which created a collection. I loved the fact that they weren’t exactly the same but they all had the same energy about them that made them fit.

Did you have a favourite in this collection? What did you like or not like about this collection. Let me know below.



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