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The Skills of a Scoundrel by Eleanor Meyers

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Title: The Skills of a Scoundrel

Author: Eleanor Meyer

Series: Wardington Park

Book: #4

Genre: Romance, Historical Romance, Regency, Historical Fiction, Regency Romance

Goodreads Rating: 3.87

Lord Mark Dawnton is a genius. Everyone says so. Not only can he think circles around most of his peers, but he has also a skill for maneuvering through his father, the Duke of Wardington’s, marriage schemes.

Mark’s plan: Dodge women of good breeding. Dodge marriage. The plan had done the Duke of Wardington’s youngest son well for years… that is until the day Mark was presented with a new challenge.

He must instruct a lady in the ways of science and present her to His Majesty by the end of the season as a great mind. It’s a challenge that he can’t refuse… but when he meets his lovely student, Mark finds he’s up for another challenge entirely.

A Woman on the Run from Herself…

Lady June Haywood is ready to take on any challenge that will get her in Society’s good graces once again. Scandals from her past have made life hard for her, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes redeem her reputation. Anything but marriage.

With June’s secret past, the last thing she needs in her life is another man, but Mark is like no man she’s ever encountered and very quickly, lessons in chemistry and psychology turn toward anatomy. Namely, hers. He doesn’t wish to marry and neither does she, but what will happen when their actions give flame to the new scandal? (Goodreads)

First Sentences

“Lord Thomas Lindsay choked on his own blood, the taste of metal alive with the pain he felt in his chest and leg.”

My thoughts

I’ve been quite addicted to this series, as I’ve mentioned previously I really loved how Meyer has brought in characters from the other books into each and every story. It really helps create the world and further develop the characters more.

I found it surprisingly good for a clean romantic suspense story. Meyer was able to develop the characters well and the pace of the mystery was well done. I’m looking forward to the next book.

Let me know what you thought below if you’ve also read this.


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