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Gaining the Gentleman by Eleanor Meyers

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Title: Gaining the Gentleman

Author: Eleanor Meyer

Series: Wardington Park

Book: #3

Genre: Romance, Historical Romance, Regency, Historical Fiction, Regency Romance

Goodreads Rating: 4.02

Fate has finally found her door…

Lady Christa Eatson has given up on the hope of love and marriage.

So instead, she’ll have to find other ways to entertain herself…

Her entire world is turned upside down the day she agrees to help an old friend on a scavenger hunt for a hidden jewel through Mayfair.

But what seems like an innocent adventure quickly reveals itself to be a mystery full of murder, courtesans, and their carnal inclinations.

But nothing is more shocking than the man who comes to her aid…

Joseph Croftman – He has a dark past, but her childish crush on the man has never quite left her heart.

As one of London’s wealthiest men, Joseph Croftman has the means to pick any wife he wishes, but the women of the Ton seem all alike. Selfish gossips wrapped silk skirts.

He’s ready to settle down, but knows he’ll never find a love match… that is until Lady Christa slowly begins to change his mind.

When their paths cross, Joseph is intrigued to see a different Christa…

She is no longer an annoying little girl, but a woman with a mind just as enchanting as her form.

What starts out as the chance to simply help find a piece of jewellery, quickly changes into a love that can last a lifetime.

But can Christa truly trust this man with her heart?

And if she does, can they manage to survive the darkness that walks the streets of Mayfair? (Goodreads)

First Sentences

“Close your eyes.” They snapped closed on command.

My thoughts

This book introduces Lady Christa Eatson as the childhood friend of Joseph Croftman. They grew up together and Christa never hides how much that she loved Joseph growing up. Christa was known for her cutting remarks but that had all changed after she had come back from Europe.

Years later Christa and Joseph meet again and find that their attraction has now become mutual. Christa is now trying to prove to Joseph that she has changed and she’s no longer that mean-spirited young girl that he’s known growing up. But at the same time, she’s hiding a secret. She’s helping her friend June with a treasure hunt, which turns out to be a dangerous affair. When Joseph finds out what she’s been up to he tries to stop her but in doing that they inadvertently spend more time together and their attraction grows.

I quite liked the writing style, I found that the writing was easy to read and the story itself was very straightforward. I liked that there were misunderstandings between the main characters, but they were usually solved quite quickly. The other thing that I really loved about this series is that many of the other characters that were the main characters in previous books become the background characters in this book. I found that really great that Eleanor Meyers has really created a full world that continues through the series. I’m quite interested in reading the rest of the series.

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