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Dancing with the Duke by Suzanna Medeiros

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Title: Dancing with the Duke

Author: Suzanna Medeiros

Series: Landing a Lord

Book: #0.5

Genre: Romance, Historical Romance, Regency, Historical Fiction

Goodreads Rating: 3.41

She’s loved him for years…

Charlotte Grant can’t remember a time when she didn’t love her best friend’s older brother.

He’s never noticed her…

The Duke of Clarington hadn’t spared a thought for his sister’s friend in years.

Their situations are about to be reversed…

It is the beginning of a new Season and the Clarington intends to stay away from all the young ladies and eager mamas hoping to ensnare a Duke. But that plan falls into tatters when his mother sponsors his sister’s friend and enlists him to dance with her at Almack’s. The beautiful vixen he meets that night bears little resemblance to the shy, gangly girl who used to follow him around. Now, instead of avoiding Charlotte, he finds himself frustrated when she seems to notice everyone but him. (Goodreads)

First Sentences

The Duke of Clarington cursed his luck at finding himself at the most hated of places during the most hated of times – Almack’s at the start the London Season.

My thoughts

This was an interesting read, I was excited to start this series and it was a short novel for a taste of the world. However, I have vastly disappointed. The book had started with such promise and potential, but it fell very short. I felt that everything had happened too fast for the hero and heroine. Everything was just a rush and felt that within days they went from not really knowing each other to jumping into bed and declaring their love for each other that same afternoon. This book was supposed to be a teaser for the series and I’m not sure that I was teased at all. The entire story was very flat.


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