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Catherine and the Marquis by Samantha Holt

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Title: Catherine and the Marquis

Author: Samantha Holt

Series: Bluestocking Brides

Book: #4

Genre: Romance, Historical Romance, Fiction

Goodreads Rating: 3.99

“For some reason, these gentlemen have a taste for freckled redheads but that last unmarried Chadwick girl will stay unmarried, mark my words. She is simply the worst of them all.” Viscountess Charlecote.

All Catherine wants to do is look at the stars. Unfortunately, her Mama has better ideas. Being the last unmarried Chadwick sister means countless new bonnets, dresses, and meetings with eligible gentlemen. Most young debutantes would relish such opportunities nut not Catherine – marriage might suit her sisters but not her.

The arrival of the new and young – enough-to-be-eligible Marquis of Thornefield does not help matters. The matriarch of the Chadwick family is determined it is fate and he will surely fall for Catherine just like every other titled gentleman has for her sisters.

Thankfully he does not seem interested in her at all.

After all, who wants to be married to such a stern, disapproving man? She has better things to think about.

Like his strong arms, and his way with horses and his… No. Catherine is not interested in him one jot, and her mother – and apparently her sisters too – will certainly not change that. (Goodreads)

First sentences

Catherine narrowed her gaze at the cloud that drifted over her view of Pleiades.

My thoughts

All her sisters are now married, and Catherine’s mother has her sights set on her getting a good match as well. I was however, very disappointed in this book. I felt that it had the story had lost its steam when it had gotten to this book and these characters. Catherine and Thorne were a cute couple, but I didn’t feel the passion between them like the other stories. I was glad that their father has finally shown up and that he was real, and he did bring some humour, but it just wasn’t enough to bring the book into a fun level to read.


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