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Julia and the Duke by Samantha Holt

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Title: Julia and the Duke

Author: Samantha Holt

Series: Bluestocking Brides

Book: #2

Genre: Romance, Historical Romance, Fiction

Goodreads Rating: 3.87

“One of them might now be a viscountess but it does not clear the taint of scandal from those frightful Chadwick girls. Why we must deign to entertain them, I will never know!” Lady Bromsley, Countess of Marlbury.

A new Duke moving into their sleepy village doesn’t interest Julia, especially when she hears all about his scandalous behaviour in London. Rumours of gambling debts, illicit liaisons, and pub brawls surround the far-too-handsome Duke of Weston.

The far-too-handsome Duke who happens to want to build a mill on her favourite nature spot, meaning Julia’s beloved otters will be homeless.

No matter what she says, the stubborn man will not back down, but thus bluestocking will not give up easily. With the help of her sisters, she must find a way to persuade him to make money another way.

If only the far-too-handsome Duke did not seem to enjoy riling her so much. If only he would not insist on getting under her skin and pretending to be interested in her. All this talk of liking redheads and freckles will not make her forget those animals in need.

Will it? (Goodreads)

First Sentences

Blowing the curls from her face, Julia pushed up from her position and groaned.

My thoughts

This is the second book in the Chadwick sister’s series. After Amelia gets married to Nicholas now it’s her sister Julia’s turn to fall in love. In some cases’, I had felt that I loved this book more than the first one. This one definitely had the humour and jest that the first book didn’t have. It was much light-hearted, and I loved Julia’s love of Otters. Although, there were times when Julia annoyed and irritated me. There were times that I felt that the plot had jumped all over the place quite similar to the first book. But I still enjoyed it enough that I would be reading the second book. Again this was a short and sweet read.


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