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The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

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Title: The Other Boleyn Girl

Author: Philippa Gregory

Series: The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels

Book: #9

Genre: Historical Fiction, History, Romance, Tudor

Goodreads Rating: 4.05

Mary Boleyn catches the eye of Henry VIII when she comes to court as a girl of fourteen. Dazzled by the golden prince, Mary’s joy is cut short when she discovers that she is a pawn in the dynastic plots of her family. When the capricious king’s interest wanes, Mary is ordered to pass on her knowledge of how to please him to her friend and rival: her sister, Anne.

Anne soon becomes irresistible to Henry, and Mary can do nothing but watch her ambitious sister’s rise. From now on, Mary will be no more than the other Boleyn girl. But beyond the court is a man who dares to challenge the power of her family to offer Mary a life of freedom and passion. If only she has the courage to break away – before the Boleyn enemies turn on the Boleyn girls. (Goodreads)

First Sentences

“I could hear a roll of muffled drums.”

My thoughts

First of all, this has been one of the first books that I’ve read by Philippa Gregory and I’ve read the books out of order. It was fine to do that as the booked aren’t all that interconnected. I love history so this was right up my alley. But you do have to remember that this isn’t a biography and it was all fiction no matter how close or not close to real events. Gregory builds a vivid image of the characters and the setting for the book. It weaved into the story and kept me hanging on to the very last page.

It was an amazing book to read, I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters even after finishing the book. It was emotionally powerful and very moving. I thought that Mary’s character was built well. At the beginning of the book, I thought that she was overly innocent and naïve. But as her story goes on she learns and begins to protect herself and her children even though she gets pulled into the politics of her family and sister.

Even though I know the history I was still very much engrossed in the book and found it fascinating to read. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for something historical to sink your teeth into.


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