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Possession by Jennifer Armintrout

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Title: Possession

Author: Jennifer Armintrout

Series: Blood Ties

Book: #2

Genre: Paranormal, Vampires, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Romance

Goodreads Rating: 3.81

My Rating: 3/5

My father always said fear was a weakness. Well, that’s easy to say when you don’t have to worry about vampire slayers or holy water. I hate fear, but undead life goes on.

In the two months since I was attacked in the hospital morgue and turned into a vampire, I’ve killed my evil sire, Cyrus, fallen in love with my new sire, Nathan, and have even gotten used to drinking blood. Just when things are finally returning to normal―as normal as they can be when sunlight can kill you―Nathan becomes possessed. And then he slaughters an innocent human.

Now it’s my job to find Nathan before the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement does, because they’re just waiting for an excuse to terminate him―”and” anyone foolish enough to help him. But it gets worse. It turns out that Nathan’s been possessed by one of the most powerful and wicked vampires alive―the Soul Eater. And who knows what vile plan he’s concocted?

With the Soul Eater and my possessed sire on the loose, I have a “lot” to fear. Including being killed. Again. (Goodreads)

First Sentences

“He didn’t know how long he’d been dead.”

My thoughts

Ok so I had bought the entire series all at the same time so of course even though I was so disappointed with the first book and didn’t enjoy it I had to continue on with the second book. So Cyrus is brought back to life in this book as a human and Carrie still has this weird obsession with him. But she also continues this weird love affair with Nathan and of course Nathan is running around possessed. A good section of the book goes to Cyrus being angst about how he was while he was a vampire and now it’s all about redemption. The rest of the book is all about Nathan possessed and in comes Max who comes in to help Carrie with Nathan. There’s a lot of unrequited love between the characters and lots of going round in circles and not very much character development.


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