Dream House: Sorrento, Italy

In a fairy-tale landscape, in one of the most beautiful and famous coastal areas in the world, inhabited only by the sirens who almost managed to win Ulysses and its crew, we find a small island, quiet and apart looks at the way Tourists, always coming and going, explore the absolute beauty of the Amalfi Coast. A place just a few hundred meters fro “Punta Campanella”, 500 meters from Crapolla and only 120m from the nearest point of the coast, it has an accessibility from the mainland that other islands do not have, often being isolated for bad weather. The island of Capri and Positano are both within 10 km and reachable by sea. Sorrento is instead only 4km away, reachable by car. The islet, named by the fishermen of the Galluzzo site, in ancient times, had preserved for many centuries the remains of a large Roman villa that included two water lilies in as many natural caves.

Historians tell that all buildings – domus, cistern and nymphs – were on the slope overlooking the nearby coast. Even today it is possible to see some rare rest of the villa along the wall overlooking the coast, about a hundred yards wide. In later periods it was to be a possession of the abbey of St. Peter. Immediately after the war Eduardo De Filippo, a great Italian writer and actor, bought the island from Vittorio Astarita, son of the well-known banker of Meta Tommaso, who, after his father died, was frequenting Isca very rarely, almost always to hunt “tordi” birds during winter and wild rabbits during the summer. LIFESTYLE Isca, famous for being bought by the great Eduardo De Filippo, was very dear to him, he came here to retreat and write those that have later become masterpieces. “… a very sweet place, away from an adventurous and romantic idea, also because it is close to the coast.

The main house, built by the De Filippo family, insists in the same area were the domus of the ancient Roman villa was. The villa measures, internally, 350sqm, and is located on the only protrusion of the island’s coast.

The main villa is divided into 2 floors: ground floor divided into 6 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 passageways and storage room. The first floor now has a large living room, 3 rooms, a gallery and 4 small compartments that may be joined together. It should be noted that the presence of a few bearing walls gives the possibility of totally revisiting the subdivision of interior spaces, to create rooms that are more in up to date with individual modern needs. Among the other buildings there is the ”dependence” or caretaker’s house which measures about 115sqm and is spread on two floors: basement of about 42sqm with technical premises, storage room and fridge cellar and the ground floor of about 70sqm where we have 4 rooms plus Bathroom with pre-bathroom.

Among the other buildings there is a storage room of about 50sqm with the pergola located a short distance from the main villa and 2 other storage rooms of 12 and 15sqm located at various points of the island. The outside kitchen was built, for convenience, on the other side of the island.

This incredible spot is listed with Carratelli Real Estate and showcased by Luxury Portfolio.

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