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For some of you who have been reading my blog would know that I’ve been working towards getting fitter. I’ve never really thought about sharing what I’ve been doing in terms of keeping up with my fitness and what I’m doing aside from posting my results.

To be honest I try my best to live a clean and healthy lifestyle but due to a busy lifestyle, I must admit that I don’t always go for the healthy option. My regime this year to make sure that I go to the gym and keep to a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t require too much upkeep is keeping it simple and easy to adhere too.

I go to the gym 3 times a week for cardio/weight training and do a 30-day plank challenge. And during March this year, I signed up to the March Challenge to raise money for Cancer Council. I also head on a hike with a couple of girlfriends every now and then to keep thing interesting.

My food regime is a little less rigid though, I usually have a little more time to prepare on a Sunday night than the weekdays. I try to make enough breakfast foods for the week so I can just take and go. I would generally make fruit/oat muffins or mini quiches sometimes I make up a yoghurt cup. I generally like to graze throughout the day with nuts, fresh cut vegetables and fruits. I would also sneak in a little bit of chocolates from time to time too. I don’t really keep to a strict diet mainly cause I love food too much but I do try to cut sugar out of my coffee, less soft drinks and keep a balanced diet. I’ve recently found that cooking my own lunches makes a huge difference in keeping things a little healthier and saving money of course πŸ™‚

I’ve recently also come across an alternative option for protein bars by GoMacro, click on the link and take a look.

What’s your fitness regime and meal plans like? I would love to know below in the comments!

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