Becoming Somebody by Heather D’Agostino

image via Goodreads
image via Goodreads

Title: Becoming Somebody

Author: Heather D’Agostino

Series: Witness

Book: #2

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Goodreads Rating: 4.07

My Rating: 5/5

“ARC given for an honest review”

What happens when everything you thought you knew suddenly changes with a few simple words?

When Samantha Connelly fell hard for the one person that could rip her world apart she wasn’t prepared for the bomb he would later drop on her. With a few words, Brian completely turned her world upside down and sent her into an emotional spiral.

Forced to leave town once again, she begged him to come with her…pleaded with him to choose her…to love her, but Brian had his own agenda that he couldn’t deviate from.

What happens when two people who are meant for each other are forced apart with no reunion in sight? How do you recover from the reality that you may never see one another again? How do you go back to being a nobody when all you want in life is to be somebody to someone?

First Sentences

As the door to the jet closed, and the engines began to speed up, I sank down into one of the plush seats.

My Thoughts

Forced to leave Brian and the life that she was building Samantha rebuilds her life in Vegas with her new family. It’s been 4 years and she’s got a daughter to take care of. But when the men that have been threatening her life since she was 7 years old has been safely locked away for the first time in her life it means that she can finally have the life that she had always dreamed about. On her way back to the town where it all started with Brian or Detective Devlin can Samantha be somebody to someone now?

I absolutely loved this book! With the first one ending in a cliff-hanger, I was lucky enough to have already gotten this one on my kindle. I don’t think I would have known what to do with myself without continuing on with this story. I love Samantha and I love Devlin. Both of them just have so much going for them but still so much going against something that they are trying to build. The story was so gripping that I kept reading till the very end. There aren’t very many books that truly remind me of a well-told tale. This was one of them. The chemistry of the characters just sizzled off the pages, I felt anymore sizzling my kindle might have burnt up. I just have so much love for both these characters that I wished that we could peek into their lives a little more. The writing was really easy to read, it flowed nicely and the pace of the book was fantastically calculated. I’ve definitely become a fan of Heather D’Agostino’s books. Will definitely have to start picking up her other novels. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for more! I’d love to hear all your thoughts for those of your who have read this series and can’t wait to hear from those of you whom haven’t read it and picks it up.

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