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image via Goodreads

image via Goodreads

Title: The Raven Thief

Author: Anna McIlwraith

Series: Caller of the Blood

Book: #5

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Shapeshifters

Goodreads Rating: 4.38

My Rating: 5/5

One call can change everything.

The war with the serpent priesthood is over, and as the dust settles, Emma’s seizing her happiness while she can – especially when it comes to the tall, dark and deadly serpent priest who risked everything to keep her safe and claim her for his own. Things with Alexi are complicated, and to make matters worse, the walking god is back: “complicated” doesn’t even begin to describe how Emma feels about him.

They’ve got no idea just how complicated things are about to get when a call from Aunt Chase – who thinks Emma’s still back in LA, living her old, human life – sends Emma and her friends on an emergency trip to the UK, landing them right in the middle of an ancient feud between Emma’s beloved warrior Red Sun and the ruthless royal bear clans that shunned him. That would be enough to contend with, but there’s also a stealthier enemy watching the streets of London, and the ravens bow to no one, not even their destined saviour.

Emma Chase is the Caller of the Blood, fated to command the power of all shapeshifter races and bound to many through magic and through love. She’s the miracle cure for the wasting illness claiming shapeshifter kind, and there’s a chance she might be the harbinger of the end of the world, not to mention the questionable status of her own humanity now her powers have fully awakened.

Aunt Chase can’t know the truth.

First Sentences

Mr Rochester was an arrogant, selfish piece of work whose only saving grace was his brooding good looks, which made Jane Eyre the perfect book to read to Seshua, the jaguar king.

My Thoughts

The war with the Serpent Priesthood is now over and Emma and her crew are beginning to settle. Emma’s seizing her happiness wherever she can with Alexi, but she can’t seem to get any alone time with him. A call from her Aunt from the UK throws everything out the window. Travelling to the UK it lands Emma and her friends right in the middle of an ancient feud between the royal bear tribe and Red Sun. On top of that, the Raven’s been watching Emma from afar since she landed and they bow to no one. Emma needs to navigate through the ancient feud in order for her team to stay alive and work out what the Raven’s need from her.

I’m completely in love with this series! I just can’t get enough and of course, Emma finally gets together with Red Sun!!!! This book had me in stitches cause I was laughing so hard and it had me at the edge of my seat with all the action and twists and turns. It was so hard to put this book down once I started reading it. The book was fast paced, lots of character developing throughout the book and with each page, I found that I learnt a little more about each of the characters and about Emma. Although, Emma can’t seem to figure out whom she loves more. The series is beginning to remind me of Laurell K Hamilton’s books which I also love. I just feel for Emma when she’s feeling guilty about her emotions for Red Sun, Alexi and Fern and on top of all that Telly is back in her life. And of course, there’s Seshua who oozes sexuality and someone that I feel that Emma holds him to a higher standard and still won’t forgive him for certain things that he’s done. I cannot wait till they finally get along. I’m personally really psyched that Emma and Red Sun finally got together though I just love him. I highly recommend this series!

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