The Serpent Priest by Anna McIlwraith

image via Goodreads
image via Goodreads

Title: The Serpent Priest

Author: Anna McIlwraith

Series: Caller of the Blood

Book: #4

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Shapeshifters

Goodreads Rating: 4.46

My Rating: 4/5

Emma Chase is the Caller of the Blood, destined to command the magic of all shapechanging races. She’s been to Hell and back and she’ll never be the same, but she’s rebuilding her life — and her sanity — with the help of some totally unexpected allies. If only she knew how to heal the one person whose soul is bound to hers forever.

But that’s soon to be the least of her problems, because there’s a war coming, and the only one who knows how to stop it is Alexi, the Serpent Priest.

He’s also the one who caused it.

With her friends scattered and their fates unknown, Emma is on the run and searching for answers in far-flung places. She will risk everything to save the people she loves — even if it might mean losing her humanity somewhere along the way.

First Sentences

The open handed blow lifted Emma off her feet, spun her like a leaf in a strong breeze, and dumped her facedown in the cold dirt of the training yard before she even had time to feel the pain.

My Thoughts

Emma Chase is the Caller of the Blood and her destiny means that she will unite all shapechanging races together. Emma has been to hell and back and she’ll never be the same again. But with everything that’s happened to her so far she’s beginning to rebuild her life together slowly with her group of protectors and friends. The Serpent Priesthood has moved against Alexi and the Jaguar Kingdom in order to get to Emma. In order to keep Emma safe her friends and protectors have scattered and their fates unknown. This time Emma is willing to risk everything to save her friends and family.

I’m so glad that Alexi finally owned up to his feelings for Emma, it was getting a little ridiculous seeing their interactions back and forth. But I’m still waiting for Emma to own up to her feelings for Red as well. He’s been a huge rock for her this entire time since Telly left and she hasn’t really made a move on him. This book is a wild ride just like the rest of the series and you really just don’t know what Emma and her gang would be doing next. It really keeps the readers on their toes. This is one of those books that each new book in this series just gets better and more pieces of the puzzle reveals itself. And Telly is finally back since he disappeared so abruptly. I loved that Emma was a strong female lead, even though a lot of the times she’s way out of her own depth she still does things her way and isn’t just the damsel in distress. I would highly recommend this series and start from the first book otherwise you’d be so lost.

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