We Need A Little Christmas by Sierra Donovan

image via Goodreads
image via Goodreads

Title: We Need a Little Christmas

Author: Sierra Donovan

Series: Evergreen Lane

Book: #2

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Holiday, Christmas

Publisher: Kensington Books

Published: Sept 27th 2016

Goodreads Rating: 3.94

My Rating: 2/5

“ARC given for an honest review”

With its festive Snowed Inn and year-round Christmas store, the pretty town of Tall Pine knows how to do the holidays right. But this year, Liv Tomblyn’s homecoming trip may be bittersweet. Liv’s grandmother died soon after Thanksgiving, leaving a lifetime of belongings to sort through. Soon Liv is surrounded by memories, including a retro silver Christmas tree. And there’s Liv’s old friend Scott Leroux—the one-time class clown who’s become the town’s go-to handyman.

Scott enjoyed helping Liv’s Nammy with little fix-it jobs in recent years, but now he’s wondering if the crafty grandma had a much larger project in mind. Everything—from Nammy’s mysteriously malfunctioning heater to that silver tree—seems to be conspiring to throw Liv and Scott together. Not that Scott objects. For though Liv insists she’ll leave Tall Pine when the holidays are over, he’s hoping their holiday kisses might thaw her resolve and make this Christmas truly unforgettable…

First Sentences

It shouldn’t be hard to recognise her own sister.

My Thoughts

Liv is back in her hometown since leaving for college. The only reason she’s back now is because her grandmother passed away and she needs to help her mum and sister to clean out her grandmother’s house. When she arrives she doesn’t see her sister coming to pick her up instead in her sister’s place is Scott Leroux the class clown but now the town handyman.

I got a hold of this book just before Christmas. So I was completely in the Christmas Spirit of things whether it was with my reading or watching. This was a light-hearted read and it was full of Christmas Spirit. I liked both Liz and Scott but I felt that it was a stretch to them. Scott didn’t really have much to do with Liz’s family aside from doing the odd jobs with Liz’s grandmother. The love interest between them wasn’t hot and heavy it was sweet. But I felt for most of the book that their story actually dragged on a little bit longer than I thought should have been. I wasn’t mind blown with the characters or their chemistry but it was a fun easy read for the holiday season.

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