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image via Goodreads

image via Goodreads

Title: Seduced by a Dragon

Author: Alisa Woods

Series: Fallen Immortals

Book: #5

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Dragon, Shapeshifters, Adventure, Action, Fantasy

Publisher: Sworn Secrets Publishing

Published: 2nd January 2017

Goodreads Rating: 4.59

My Rating: 4/5

“ARC given for an honest review”

Falling in love was never in the cards for Leonidas. An angry witch made sure of that—if he loses his heart, he loses his life. But the treaty guaranteeing peace will die with him unless he wins the True Love of a woman and she bears him a dragonling. When a fiery red-headed witch comes along with plans of her own, five hundred years of guarding his heart and opening his bed might not be enough to protect him.
Because Love is Magic… and the fate of the mortal and immortal worlds depends on Rosalyn and Leonidas not only opening their hearts but surviving a Love that’s True…

First Sentences

Leonidas needed a way to die.

My Thoughts

Following on from the previous book Leonidas had fallen in love with Rosalyn which triggered the age old curse that had been cast on him which is turning him and pushing him closer to his death. To be honest I loved the first books of the series and didn’t love Leonidas’ story as much. But this book has made me love Leonidas that little more. I felt that his falling in love with Rosalyn was a little too fast for it to be true love. But I still kept on with the story, I loved the action throughout this book and there was much more depth into the curse than the first book in this series. I enjoyed the dialogue between the Summer Queen and Leonidas was very enlightening and I was well played by the author. I can see there to be a future story there. I did, however, love Rosalyn’s character, she was fiery and strong even when she’s terrified. I would be interested in seeing where their story leads in the last book.

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