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image via trakt

image via trakt

Cast: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chance Crawford, Ed Westwick, Kelly Rutherford, Matthew Settle, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr, Zuzanna Szadkowski, Connor Paolo

Genre: Drama, Romance

Seasons: 6 (completed)

The series begins with the return of Upper East Side “it girl”, Serena van der Woodsen from a mysterious stay at a boarding school in Cornwall, Connecticut. Blair Waldorf, whom creators describe as the queen at the center of their chess game, is a longtime friend and occasional rival of Serena’s, and the queen bee of Constance Billard School’s social scene. The story also follows Chuck Bass, the bad boy of the Upper East Side; “golden boy” Nate Archibald, Chuck’s best friend and Blair’s boyfriend for many years. However, their relationship had been rocky ever since Serena left for boarding school. Other characters of the turbulent Manhattan scene: Dan Humphrey, Dan’s best friend Vanessa Abrams, and Dan’s sister, Jenny Humphrey (trakt).

I’ve been completely addicted to this series since when it first came out. But I only really liked it up till about season 4 well before they all got into college. I loved the drama and of course all of the outfits each of the girls wore. But I felt that the addiction died when they got into college for me at least. I did slowly watch the rest of the seasons just cause I really wanted to know who Gossip Girl was but I was so so disappointed with the answer and also it didn’t even make any sense. I felt that they didn’t plan on this one, and it was just something that they did to end the series. I just didn’t agree.

I would love to know what all your thoughts on the situation are.

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