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image via Goodreads

Title: Dragon Knight’s Ring

Author: Mary Morgan

Series: Order of the Dragon

Book: #5

Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Published: Aug 12th 2016

Goodreads Rating: 4.73

My Rating: 3/5

“ARC given for an honest review”

Crusader, Adam MacFhearguis is on one last quest to the standing stones in Scotland where he seeks to bury the past. However, a silent prayer sends him to an unknown future and to his beloved Meggie. When he uncovers a shocking revelation, Adam questions everything about the woman he thought he knew and loved. He may have traveled the veil of ages, but time is now his enemy.
Margaret MacKay lives a life in the future without the memories of her past—her death. When Adam arrives at her door confessing he knows her, she is confused and wary. With each passing day, she yearns to learn more from this stranger. Yet, when a truth is revealed, can she trust the man to unlock the chains from her mind and heart?

First Sentences

They were an ancient order, descended from the great Tuatha de Danann, the Sidhe, or in simpler terms – the Fae.

My thoughts

This was the first time that I’ve ever heard of this series. I was a little late to the series so it was very confusing for me to read at first. But I must say that you won’t need to have read the other books to read this one but it would help. There was so many different emotions running through this book, I loved it at point but then there were points that I wished that it would just get it going. I liked the characters enough to finish the book but not enough that I would pick up the rest of the series.

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