image via imdb

image via imdb

Cast: Amanda Bynes, Sara Paxton, Matt Long, Jack Carpenter, Jeremy Howard, Crystal Hunt, Adam Hendershott, Danny Strong, Samm Levine

Director: Joe Nussbaum

Time: 1hr 45mins

Year: 2007

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Comedy, Romance

My Rating: 4/10

This was a modern re-telling of Snow White, it was set against the freshman year in college in the Greek system. I needed to be in a certain mood to be able to watch this and enjoy it. It’s very light-hearted, very light on the plot and it was pretty funny. Fairytales are pretty stereotypical in the first place and this movie had it all. With princesses, princes and the evil queen. What surprised me was the clever and funny writing that I wasn’t expecting. This was a good movie to watch on a evening when you want to relax with something that you don’t need to think too much on.

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