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image via imdb

image via imdb

Cast: Sam Claflin, Emilia Clarke, Vanessa Kirby, Jenna Coleman

Director: Thea Sharrock

Time: 1hr 50mins

Year: 2016

Rating: PG 13

Genre: Drama, Romance

My Rating: 9/10

Lou Clarke works at The Buttered Bun tea and she knows that she loves working there. But when she gets let go from there she finds herself working for the Traynor’s, as a carer for their only son who is paralysed. Will Traynor got into a motorcycle accident, which took away his, will to live. When Lou bursts into Will’s life with a riot of colour neither of them knew what changes were ahead of them.

I’ve never read the book so I couldn’t really compare between the two. Ever since I saw this first trailer come out I had it penned down that I wanted to watch this. I loved the actors they had lined up for it and I knew that it was going to be a tearjerker. I loved how the film at times had a lighter tone to it when it was on such a hard topic. There were of course sombre parts too where I did need the tissue box.

Emilia Clarke was perfect for the role. She was expressive and showed just the right amount of emotion throughout. Sam Claflin, our male lead was amazing in his role. I loved his signature smile or smirk that you’d see him do throughout which made him that much more likeable during his bouts of angers and unlikable moments.

The set of beautiful, the castle like house was amazing backdrop for the film, there wasn’t any obscenities or cursing so it was pretty family friendly. I loved it and would recommend it. Now it’s time for me to hunt down the book.

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