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image via imdb

image via imdb

Cast: Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill

Director: Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane

Time: 1hr 37mins

Year: 2016

Rating: PG

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

My Rating: 6/10

For those of you who watched Finding Nemo you’d remember Dory. She’s the forgetful blue tang fish who crossed oceans to help Nemo’s dad to look for Nemo. Dory begins to remember her parents and she’s determined to find out where she came from and where her parents are. Again she, Marlin and Nemo crosses the ocean to find Dory’s parents and her memory. Along the way you learn about the value of family and there’s a little bit about the environment too.

I felt that this movie was a little average compared to Finding Nemo, which hit all the high points. From being entertaining and had great environmental lessons for adults and children. I felt that this movie has missed a lot of points that they could have hit and it wasn’t very imaginative. It was way too similar to the original Finding Nemo. I was quite disappointed with it.

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