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Cast: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Time: 2hrs 43mins

Year: 2004

Rating: R

Genre: Adventure, History

My Rating: 6/10

This is an adaptation of Homer’s great journey; the film follows the assault on Troy and follows the men involved. It follows Achilles, Helen and Paris love affairs.

I enjoyed watching it, the movie was excellent, and there were some issues with the history of it all. But it was a good movie. There wasn’t a side that you really want to relate to; the good vs. bad line was very blurred here. The script incorporated the important bits of history and then Hollywood took over. The visual of the movie was fantastic, the special effects and sets were wonderfully put together. The action and adventure was beautifully put together. It didn’t hurt that they had some talented actors and actresses for the main characters. But I did find it a little hard to concentrate with all the different characters during the war times. But other than that it was a great movie to watch.

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