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Cast: Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie Pitt, Thomas Jane

Director: Michael Cristofer

Time: 1hr 56mins

Year: 2001

Rating: R

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

My Rating: 4/10

I found this while surfing on my Netflix account. I usually love Angelina Jolie films but I’m a little on the hedge about this one. There were some really good parts but then there were some parts of the film that gets the plot a little confusing.

The movie is full of scandals, surprises and of course drama. Antonio Banderas is a wealthy Mexican businessman who orders for a mail order bride. Angelina Jolie is a con artist that he ends up marrying. Her purpose is to steal his fortune but ends up falling in love with him. The plot would have been quite interesting and full of mystery but there were some overacting and overuse of the music that made things a little confusing. The ending did leave me a little disappointed with the movie too.

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