Tall, Dark and Bad by Charlotte Hughes

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Title: Tall, Dark and Bad

Author: Charlotte Hughes

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Published: 13th February 2015

Goodreads Rating: 4.00

My Rating: 5/5

“ARC given for an honest review”

Summer Pettigrew is in desperate need of a fiancé, a temporary job, mind you.
Bad Boy Cooper Garrett answers the call. He swaggers into Summer’s High Society Life oozing testosterone. He’s hardly what Summer expected, the man straddles a mean looking motorcycle, for Pete’s sake! But Summer is stuck with him for the time being, even though her pulse skyrockets each time he steals a kiss.
Cooper willingly plays the doting fiancé, but he has one thing on his mind: Bedding the proper Miss Pettigrew! And although Summer is tempted to take a ride on the wild side, she fears it will lead her down a road to heartbreak.

First Sentences

“Henrietta, you gave me quite a scare,” Dr. Avery Cook said.

My Thoughts

Summer Pettigrew gets the call from the hospital that her grandmother has been taken to the emergency room during an important account meeting; it dawns on her that the only thing that her grandmother is stressed about may be her. The fact that she’s still single and haven’t found the one. So she comes up with the idea of getting a pretend boyfriend just till her grandmother gets better. In comes Cooper Garrett, a guy who oozes danger and bad boy.

I loved the chemistry from day one between Cooper and Summer. Love the way that they interacted with each other and how their love for each other grew as the story went on. The author takes us on a ride where we slowly discover bits and pieces of Copper’s life as we read on. I think one of my favourite characters were Henrietta, I just loved her spirit and how much she cares about her granddaughter. And of course who couldn’t fall in love with Cooper who’s rough around the edges but had a heart of gold. The writing made it easy to read and fall into the world and interact with the characters on a different level. There was a solid plot and I just couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

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