Kiss of a Dragon by Alisa Woods

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Title: Kiss of a Dragon

Author: Alisa Woods

Series: Fallen Immortals

Book: #1

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Dragons, Romance, Shapeshifters, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Sworn Secrets Publishing

Published: 5th July 2016

Goodreads Rating: 4.30

My Rating: 5/5

“ARC given for an honest Review”

I am a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke… and I am dying.
Five hundred years is truly enough for a man like me. A monster. Yet a ten-thousand-year treaty will die with me, if I don’t spawn a dragonling to take my place. My two brothers are no use in this task. It falls to me, the eldest by a hair’s breadth, and yet, I cannot face the horror of another sealing. Another death. Another woman’s blood on my hands.
I was saved from death in a dark Seattle alley by an impossibly beautiful man who swooped in on golden wings. Now he’s taken me to his lair, opened my eyes to a world of immortals I didn’t know existed, and given me an impossible task – find him a mate. Then, and only then, will he set me free.
He needs her more than he wants; she wants him more than she should; and the fate of both the mortal and immortal worlds depends on them not just repairing their hearts, but finding a Love that’s True…

First Sentences

They don’t know how bad it could be. That thought circled Lucian’s mind like a vulture awaiting the stink of death.

My Thoughts

I’m so excited about this new shape shifter series about Dragons! I always look forward to Alisa’s books. I’m a huge sucker for dragon books. This is the first book in the Fallen Immortals Series about Dragon Shape shifters. This is a start to another riveting series of Alpha creations of a paranormal series.

Lucian, the Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke is in need of a mate whom he needs to have a dragonling to keep the thousands of years of treaty that’s keeping the peace. He enlists the help of Arabella Sharp to help him find a mate, but what really interests him is her.

No surprise that the first book in the series is fantastically written, that grabs your attention from the very start and you will be captivated till the very last page. It’s got the steamy sex scenes that burn right off the page, but there was also a great storyline that runs right through the book. I immediately loved the characters. There was lust, anger, angst and true love all wrapped up into one beautifully written book. I can’t wait to read the next book. I highly recommend this!

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