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I’m always looking for a good hand cream. Something that I can carry around all day in my bag so it can’t be too big and it’s got to be fast absorbing so my hands aren’t as greasy afterwards.

This time I stopped at Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. I really liked their body creams so I thought that I’d try this one out. It wasn’t too expensive and I just bought it at my local drug store. It’s small so it’s pretty easy for me to carry around during the day for work. It was fast absorbing for me. But there was some greasiness to it that I didn’t like. I though it would have been a little less greasy. It is very moisturising though. When I first began using it I had some very dry skin on my hands due to eczema but after using this for a few weeks the dryness cleared up completely.

I would buy this again but it’s only so so. I was a little disappointed with the greasiness of it when it’s supposed to be fast absorbing.

If any of you have tried this and had a different experience I would love to know!

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