Highland Spitfire by Mary Wine

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Title: Highland Spitfire

Author: Mary Wine

Series: Highland Weddings

Book: #1

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fiction, Historical Romance, Medieval

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Published: February 1st 2016

Goodreads Rating: 3.98

My Rating: 2/5

“ARC given for an honest review”

In the throes of fierce clan wars, the Queen’s Regent tricks the children of two feuding lairds into a desperate choice: marry or die. The union—however reluctant—of a MacPherson and a Robertson could end three generations of hostilities between the two families.

Ailis Robertson wanted a husband, not a savage. But she is rocked by the intense passion she feels for Bhaic—who is likewise taken aback by the fierce jealousy he experiences when he sees Ailis speaking with other men. Is it possible for fierce enemies to become ardent lovers?

First Sentences

“Ye’re as headstrong as yer mother was.”

My Thoughts

I was a little disappointed with this Highlander book. I usually really enjoy it. I couldn’t connect with the characters at all and for most of the book they just hated each other, which was a little boring to read. They didn’t really get together until the last few chapters which by then I’ve already didn’t like the character at all. It was a little late. They also didn’t really have that spark together either.

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