Inspiration: New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again, New Year and Christmas and all that. Its been a while since I’ve come home to spent Christmas with family and friends. But this was the year that I came home to do just that. It was an absolute blast!

For the new year I always list some new year resolutions but I don’t always follow through with them during the year and then try to fill some when the year comes to an end. It’s a vicious circle for me really. But this year I’m going to write them down and stick to them this year. So here are mine for this year.

  • Go to the gym regularly and get back into a size 8
  • Working to get 1000 followers on my facebook and instagram by the end of this year
  • Read more and complete my Goodreads challenge of 150 books

Come let me know your new year resolutions below. I’s love to hear it!

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