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Melbourne is a wonderful city to go alone to. It’s a wonderful city to walk around and just get lost in the people, culture and the stunningly beautiful buildings. I just love the fine line between the modern styled skyscrapers and the old style buildings with carvings. The make up between the both is what makes the city unique. It was the first time that I traveled to Melbourne alone. And it was all for the Hermitage Exhibition.

I stayed the weekend at the Mercure Melbourne Treasury Gardens Hotel but I didn’t have the best experience with them. Read my review here. I found some amazing small spots for drinks and of course food as well. I loved the fantasticlly creative cocktails from Eau De Vie, lunch at Meatballs and dinner Cumulus Inc.

I a full day at the Gallery looking at the exhibit which was completely amazing and just took my breath away. But my other free day I got lost in the city’s culture, food and architecture and of course I shopped my heart out on Collins street.

I’d love to hear all about your trips to Melbourne. And other places that you’ve all been to!