Leona Edmiston Autumn/Winter 2016

I’m smitten with the new season designs coming from Leona Edmiston’s new Autumn/Winter collection for 2016. The collection still had kept with their three main styes with the below fox print and added cut outs to the design. But there was some really stunning new styles and cuts. One of favourites of the collection is their long sleeved dress with what looks like a painted canvas. But in truth the touch of the material was so soft. Each and every one of those dresses were entirely unique as they were cut from one long piece of fabric.

Cut outs were a big part of this new collection. I just loved the way this was done. Not only did Leona experimented with different shaped cut outs but also experimented with substituting delicate gold lace in some of the cut outs. The collection was light weight, lighter than her other collections. There was also quite a bit of different greens in the patterns and piping but the biggest love I had for this collection was the details. There were parts of the collection that you’d look and keep finding new gorgeous aspects of it to love and cherish.


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