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OMG I’m so excited to be introducing this new brand that I found recently to share with you all! I was actually recommended this product by a friend of mine to try out. I’ve instantly fallen in love with this mask. Now usually I’m pretty lazy with doing my own facials just cause of lack of time so I usually go to professionals to help me out a little there. This time I had the wonderful Aki from Gold Elements to give me a full try out of their Gratiae product range during a 45min facial! Can I just say that I felt like that I was flying on cloud 9 the entire time while learning all about the products. Afterwards, my face glowed, felt smooth, reduced the redness and was completely moisturised! It was wonderful!

I’ve tried a few masks over time but this is the first one that heated itself after application, which was completely new to me. The actual product in the container was covered in oils so do be careful when opening it as I spilt some when opening the safety. After applying the product would actually start to heat up on its own to a warm state this opens up the pores so that the skin can absorb the serum. The thermal mask helps to purify and refines the skin by absorbing the excess oils and gets rid of the pore-clogging dirt and dead skin cells.

After using this a couple time it really cleaned up my skin, I felt that my skin was brighter, less oily and give my skin that clean feeling. I absolutely love it!