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This is the night cream in the Diorsnow’s brightening skincare collection. I wrote a review about it’s counterpart day cream as well as the DNA Control Serum. This cream does a similar job as the other two but it’s mainly for night than day.

I love the distinguishing difference in the packaging where one is a pearly white and this is a midnight black with silver stripes. This is a little thicker than the white cream though. So I didn’t really love it as much as the day cream. It is a little sticky when you first apply it so you would need to wait for it to sink into the skin before putting something else on top of it. However, it does do it’s work during the time when you are asleep.

When uses together with the day cream and DNA Control you can really see the difference from before and after in just a couple of weeks. It’s like I’ve striped the dead dull skin and replace with a brighter and more youthful look.