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This morning I woke up a fabulous surprise from Donah at Sweetjellybean’s! I’m very grateful that she included me in her nominations. This award made my otherwise normal Sunday that much better. So a big shout to her and her wonderful blog!

My nominees:

  1. The Charmed Cupcake
  2. Cupcakesakura
  3. The Haute Frugalista
  4. Miss Ayo Dele
  5. Sexnmakeupdiaries
  6. e-namel
  7. Latinolook

Seven secrets about me:

  1. Addicted to Vanilla Lattes
  2. when I was a child I use to dream to become an air hostess
  3. I love watching anime! Yes I still have my inner child
  4. Love taking baths
  5. Am a little OCD
  6. Still have all my soft toys from my childhood
  7. Love love love Vampire related things started from the first time I saw Dracula as a kid :p