L’oreal hairmix Supreme Smooth

I recently went for my hair cut like I normally do every 6 months or so. I’m super lazy in booking hair appointments. It was just a simple trim and cut but which my wonderful hairdresser was doing my hair he suggested that I needed some sort of cream or oil for my hair.

I of course is really very lazy and seeing as I’ve got long hair and it’s heavy I sometimes just run my fingers through my hair rather than brushing it while I’m running late. So after a quick chat with my hairdresser I decided that I’d try out a hair product, keeping in mind that this is my first hair product. I have tons of products for the body and face but non for my hair.

So I brought this L’Oreal nutri-smoothing cream. This adds moisture, tames frizz, smoothes hair and protects the hair from heated styling tools. So it’s very good for those who curls or straightens/blow-dries their hair. Otherwise just apply a little of it on towel dried hair just to the ends.

And I tried this, this morning after washing my hair with shampoo, towel dried it and ran some of this through my hair and blow dried it smooth. And it was fabulous! I usually get frizzy hair after blow-drying but using this it was smooth. I’m very excited!

Just remember to use this before using any sort of heated styling tools…


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