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After reading a few of my fellow bloggers Sweetjellybean (read her post here) and Storybook Apothecary (read her poster here) posting what’s in their makeup bags, I thought that I might do a post myself on what’s in my makeup bag too~

I do apologize for the crappy photos…

I got this makeup bag for free when I brought a ton of things from Dior~

  1. Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand & Nail cream from The Body Shop
  2. Dior Addict lip glow with 10SPF. I love this! It changes colour even after you put it on.
  3. MAC concealer
  4. Dior liquid eyeliner
  5. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl
  6. Dior Iconic mascara
  7. Diorshow Maximizer. It’s a eyelash plumping serum
  8. Dior Rose Dragee Blush
  9. Dior limited edition eyeshadow
  10. Dior Addict 2 Eau De Toilette

I’ve linked to one’s that I’ve written a little about them before on my blog. Very welcomed to have a look.

And yes I had to take two photos cause there’s just way too much stuff that I carry around in my makeup bag.

  1. Makeup brushes
  2. Oil Blotting paper from The Body Shop
  3. Dior Honey tan bronzer
  4. DiorSnow foundation
  5. Hair ties
  6. Nopoleon Lip lacquer
  7. Cocoa butter lip gloss

What do you have in your makeup bag?