Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand & Nail Cream from The Body Shop

I went on a little shopping spree this arvo at the Body Shop. Along with the heavenly Strawberry body butter I also brought a hand & nail cream from their new fragrance range, Cherry Blossom, and I’m in love! I love Cherry blossoms as a flower and have always loved the way it smells. And I haven’t found a lot of Cherry Blossom fragrant things in Sydney.

Cream’s not oily at all after you apply it and doesn’t leave that oily feel that some hand creams has after application. Moisturizes and leaves the hands feeling soft and silky. And leaves a fresh cherry blossom scent. Even the pale pink bottle looks fabulous and is a great addition to my beauty range. It comes in a 75ml bottle which is easy enough to carry around for everyday use.

The scent isn’t too strong that hurts my nose so I’m very happy with it. It has a very similar texture to the body butter’s that they have.


12 thoughts on “Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand & Nail Cream from The Body Shop

  1. Y’know, I don’t even know what cherry blossoms smell like. I will have to rectify that. This hand cream has such a pretty bottle that I would be tempted to buy it even though I don’t use hand creams. xxx

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