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Ladies this is my first encounter with a desinger phone…and after seeing this video I actually ventured out to the stores and saw the real thing to satisfy my curiosity of this Prada phone…it was an interesting find for me. Given that it’s been out for quite a while and I’ve only just heard of it, and let me tell you it has nothing on my iphone…shoot me through your thoughts? And while we’re on the topic of phones, I’m curious as to what you’ve all got? And what are your likes and dislikes of it?

Cause everytime I seem to come across this question I always get a mixed response. I’ve been using the iphone since iphone 3 came out. And have just continued to buy the newer versions…but most of my friends all hold androids…so tell me what your thoughts are on your phones and about this new designer phone that’s hit the markets (not so new, but new to me).

Video from the Prada channel